piano lessons

Ages I teach:
5 years old to 22 years old.

Style of music:

My teaching style:
I pride myself on instilling a passion for music and music making in my students. I consciously draw attention to what a student does well as well as what a student can improve on. In this way, they polish their playing and listening, while enjoying what they do well. Every student is very different in both their needs and their interests, and it's very important to me to tailor lessons for their age, level and learning style. What works for 5 years old child, doesn't work for an autistic child. I'm flexible in my teaching, some students prefer classical music more than others. I'm willing to try a new music style; if one loves a piece one will practice it in addition to the given pice that develops his(her) finger technique, dynamics, phrasing and articulation. I always work to establish a trusting and personal relationship with my students so that lessons are effective, fun and educational.

My methods:
For very young students starting piano lessons for the first time, I recommend either Bastien or Faber's piano Adventure method books. My older students love Alfred's books. These method books, in my opinion, have motivating pieces and give the students a solid foundation in theory and scales. I also use a supplementary materials, such as Dozen a Day, Czerny, Kabalevsky. For students of all ages, I stress that the ears are the most important part of playing or listening to music. I'm happy to work with students of all abilities who are eager to learn about playing piano! Encouraging regular practice on a consistent schedule is one of my key points I like to emphasize for students of all ages, as it tends to help the students progress and gain passion for piano.

30 minute weekly lessons: $30.00 per week
45 minute weekly lessons: $45.00 per week
60 minute weekly lessons: $60.00 per week
  • I will deduct $10 off if a family of two students comes for individual weekly lessons.
  • Lessons are not scheduled on a weekly basis, but rather a months worth of lessons are to be scheduled in advance.
  • Tuition is for the next month is due the last lesson of the current month. Most months have four lessons, some will have five lessons, or three lessons depending upon number of days in the month, holidays, etc.
  • Parents can pay tuition at the lesson by a check. There is a $15.00 penalty for returned checks.

Late Fee:
Please add a $10 late fee to any payment made more then 10 days after the due date. Students who are late frequently{3 late charges}--I reserve the right to end the lessons.

What Tuition Covers:
Tuition covers not only the lesson time spent with the student, but the time spent preparing for each student as well.This includes time spent researching and developing an individualized plan for each student. Some students might need more technical exercise for the certain music pieces, while others require more focus on musicality development.

When student misses a lesson:
Tuition is not redused if a student misses a lesson. When a student misses a lesson, please understand that the tuition that you pay reserves an exclusive time in my schedule for your child. If you are not able to attend a lesson, please give as much notice as possible either by email or ph#. Cancelled lessons become makeup times for other students who have missed a lesson.

Makeup Lessons:
Makeup lessons are only possible when there is an opening in my schedule or when there are cancellations. Because of this, I can't guarantee that time will be available for a makeup lesson. Makeup lessons must be scheduled in person during your regular lesson, a week in advance. Makeup credits do not expire unless a student discontinues lessons.

Teacher Cancellations:
If I need to cancel a lesson, I will contact you and let you know. Any lesson that I cancel will be made up or a credit given.

Parents and students are welcome to call or email me with any questions or concerns. Please note that I do not answer the phone during lessons.

Withdrawing from lessons:
Please give notice at least one week prior to your final lesson. Prepaid tuition for lessons that are scheduled after I have been given at least one week notice will be refunded.

Waiting room:
Parents are welcome to attend lessons. Parents of students under six years of age required to attend all lessons.

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